About The|Tides

We are a Dutch wellness brand, providing a new class of smart spa and wellness care treatments, effective products with unique Dutch ingredients and nourishing self-care rituals; a “modern apothecary” carefully crafted to heal and nurture the body and the mind from the inside out and balance the excesses of living modern life.

Antidotes for Modern Living

At The|Tides we believe that wellness starts from within and that it has everything to do with the way we take care of ourselves - physically, emotionally and mentally.

Modern living is extremely exhausting on our minds and bodies. Today’s 24/7 connectivity, stress and sensory overload, can easily drain our vitality, while the increasing chemical exposure, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, and overconsumption of alcohol and sugar can easily leach precious minerals from our systems, depleting our strength, energy and enthusiasm.

The|Tides™ has the antidote! Our smart spa and wellness care treatments, functional products and nourishing self-care rituals have been decisively designed to enable the body and mind to replenish, re-mineralize, strengthen and revitalize itself. The|Tides™ is the right remedy to balance the excesses of living modern life.



Smart Spa and Wellness Treatments & Training

Fully understanding the needs of empowered wellness consumers and travelers, we formulated The|Tides BrainBody Wellness™ concept.

BrainBody Wellness™ is a specific series of smart spa and wellness care treatments. Exclusively designed to reboot the body and brain through a specialized sequence of functional products, innovative treatment techniques, massage, breathing, stretching, yoga, meditation and (mindful) exercise.

Effective Products with unique Dutch ingredients

As wellness junkies, having literately been growing up at the Dutch seaside, we are raised with the healing and powerful forces of the ocean. Our products reflect that heritage. We have carefully researched and developed every single product in our Tides|Apothecary.

We solely formulate clean and effective professional use- and retail products with a high concentration of active ingredients known for their purifying, remineralising, strengthening and revitalising properties.

Key-ingredients are 100% pure, raw and locally sourced magnesium – which has remained untouched for 250 million years and have never been exposed to modern day pollution! -, seaweed and algae’s that are sustainably cultivated in purified seawater, together with sea salts, clay, seaside plants, herbs and essential oils.

We source only the cleanest, purest and most effective ingredients that support our treatment goals and nourishing selfcare rituals to help you stay clean, recharge your batteries to maintain your balance and strength to life live to the fullest.

For more in-depth information you can find on the website of The|Tides in the Apothecary detailed information about every single ingredient that we use in our formulations.



How we give back | planetary healing

To us The|Tides are a symbol of the forces of change. During The|Tides, the power of the ocean - the mother of life and reservoir of deeper consciousness - meets the firmness of the land. The oceans are supplying us with 70% of the oxygen that we breathe, they feed us and have the power to heal us but yet we treat our oceans as they are bottomless.

Overfishing is seriously disturbing biodiversity and ecosystems. Plastic waste and pollution are contaminating the oceans in such a way that it is a severe existential threat to ocean life and ourselves. With the sale of our products, we are committed to making a contribution to keep our oceans clean; one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time.

For every product you purchase, we donate a fixed amount to projects that conduct research, create awareness and find solutions for cleaner oceans. The|Tides touches every continent and for us it signifies our desire to harmonize and connect with the many forces of change and inspires us to use our expertise across disciplines and across borders to create breakthrough visions and ideas that contribute to a better and more vital world. .