Bone Broth; the Ultimate Mineral Rich Health Tonic

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At The|Tides we love hot bone broths for their comforting, nourishing and healing abilities. We actually grew up on this power food before it became trendy. Our Dutch mothers and grandmothers always had a pot simmering on the stove. Bouillons pulled from bones, cartilage and marrow are nutritional powerhouses with a high concentration of minerals. Especially the inside of the bone counts, it is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, silicon and others. Bone broths are anti-inflammatory and contain healthy fats that are essential to your heart and brain health. It provides amino acids, which strengthens your immune system; gelatin for digestion and gut health and the collagen supports your joints and will give a boost to your skin, hair and nails.

Last but not least it is a powerful ‘medicine’ in combating colds and flu. In Jewish culture, chicken soup has an almost mythical status as the so-called Jewish penicillin. The Greek-Roman physician Galen praised the healing powers of drinking broth and in Asia bouillon has been prescribed for hundreds of years traditionally complemented with medicinal herbs and roots. The University of Nebraska Medical Center conducted a study of chicken soup (broth) because it was wondering what it was in the soup that is so beneficial in combatting colds and flu. Researchers found that the amino acids that were produced when making chicken stock reduced inflammation in the respiratory system and improved digestion

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Bone Broth Recipe

You can make a nice pot of beef broth from four pounds of bones with some meat on it. Add four litres of water and 100 ml vinegar which helps to pull the minerals from the bones. We add carrots, onions, leek, celery, garlic, salt, white pepper and bay leaves and let it simmer for a very long period of time (ideally 24 -48 hours) on a very low heat. Skim the fat that rises to the surface occasionally. At the end of cooking, the bones should almost crumble between your fingers. When ready remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Take all of the ingredients and strain remainder in a bowl through a colander. You can add extra super food shots like ginger, chili oil, shiitake mushroom, freshly grated turmeric, fermented beet juice etcetera. Use the broth within a week or freeze.

For non-meat eaters a clam and fish (bone ) broth might be a good compromise and for vegans a seaweed bouillon.

By Annemarie Wortman & Kimmo Jacobs, two industry insiders rooted in 25 years of seasoned experience and notable expertise integrative health-, spa- and wellness care. Founders of The|Tides Wellness; a Dutch beauty and wellness brand offering new generation wellness care products and treatments to the new empowered wellness consumers and professionals in their quest to live better and healthier lives. Using the purest ingredients, they formulate wellness care products that support beauty from the inside out and reflect the need to balance the excess of living modern life.

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