It’s Father's Day, and we have a fabulous give away. Win one After Workout Recovery Set, valued @ € 137,-.

One lucky father stands the chance to win a box filled with healthy essentials to help him recover faster, relieve muscle tension and improve strength performance.

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Competition open to European and UK residents only. Competition closes at midnight 20 June 2020 and the winner will be randomly drawn. We will notify the winner via email on Father's Day 21 June 2020. If you are already subscriber to our newsletter don’t be left out,  just leave us a note here and we will include you in the draw.

After Workout Recovery Gift Set 

Every active father can use a little help to re-energize and re-mineralize after a busy day at the office, a workout or being a great dad.

Our After Workout Recovery Gift Set has 4 amazing self care products that he, and the whole family can use and enjoy too.

  • After Workout | Body Bath 400 g
  • Muscle Charger  | Magnesium Gel Formula 50 ml
  • Salty Me | Magnesium & Sea Salt Body Polish 250 g
  • Peace Out | Aromatherapy Balm 10 ml


Super Power Benefits

Use the Muscle Charger as an effective treatment for painful muscles and joints. Ideal for targeted application.

Polish yourself  with the Salty Me,  an invigorating and mineral-rich body scrub, to detoxify and remove environmental pollutants. Improves circulation, leaving the skin soft and revitalized. 

Soak in the After Workout Body Bath Formula with Magnesium, Sea Salt and Fulvic Acid, blended with Wintergreen, Rosemary, Laurel and Juniper berry. The ultimate rebound for your muscles after any workout, sport or other physical exertion.  Restores drained minerals and electrolytes. Soothes an overstretched and overworked body.

Relax your shoulders and sit back; inhale the Peace Out Aromatherapy Balm deeply through your nose (to the count of 3) and exhale as slowly as possible through the mouth (to the count of 5). Repeat 3-6 times.