pure dutch nature inside

We truly believe that looking good, feeling good and doing good should be part of everybody’s beauty and wellness aesthetic, that means embracing products that are clean and ethically sourced and create resources to give back to nature. Knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, we believe in the importance and power of pure and simple products with natural, uncomplicated and functional ingredients – without toxic chemicals, parabens or fillers and only tested on ourselves.

The base of our products and treatments are 100% pure and raw materials;

1. 100% pure transdermal Magnesium from the pre-historic Zechstein Sea – discovered in the North of the Netherlands 1600 m under the ground, which has remained untouched for over 250 million years and has never been exposed to modern day pollution.

2. Sustainably cultivated Seaweed from the Oosterschelde, a natural reserve in the South-West of the Netherlands, one of the cleanest waters in the world.

These materials are known for their purifying, re-mineralizing, strengthening and revitalizing properties. We have blend some of these products with the purest and highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils that we purchase from one of the best Aromatherapy Laboratories in the world. Every single essential oil is selected on its healing and therapeutic properties and enchanting scent