The|Tides has more than one layer and the philosophy behind it goes much deeper than meets the eye. The founders of The|Tides have been literately growing up along the Dutch seaside. They were raised with the healing and powerful forces of the ocean. They consider The|Tides as a symbol of the forces of change. Here the power of the ocean - long regarded as the mother of life and reservoir of deeper consciousness - meets the firmness of the land, the main arena of human affairs. The|Tides are regulated by the interaction of the influences of the sun, the moon and the rotation of the earth; the most ever-present reminder of the effects of cosmic forces on human experience.

By adding the | to the logo, they wanted to emphasize the depth of the ocean, that there is more to see and experience than what lies on the surface. The fact is, that the oceans are supplying us with 70% of the oxygen we breathe, they feed us and have an incredible power to heal us but we treat them as if they are bottomless.

Over-fishing for example is seriously disturbing biodiversity and ecosystems, including the sometimes-irresponsible harvesting of wild seaweed for cosmetic use. On top of that, plastic waste and pollution are contaminating the oceans in such a way that it is a severe existential threat to ocean life and to ourselves. Keeping our oceans clean is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time and as ocean lovers we will continue to use our expertise and experience across disciplines and across borders to create breakthrough visions and ideas that contribute to a better and more vital world.