Magnesium after Workout

Why use Magnesium after every Workout

Central Role in Energy Metabolism

Magnesium plays a central role in our energy metabolism and in both our internal and external body processes. To be able to function as human beings, all body cells have energy-rich ATP molecules. ATP initiates countless biochemical responses - a process that takes place thousands of times a day through the release of energy. Magnesium is crucial in the splitting of ATP so that energy can be released. Heavy physical effort increases the number of biochemical reactions, including the physical need for magnesium to release energy.

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The importance of Proper Recovery

A common misconception is that the body becomes stronger through sports, but in fact only energy has been spent. Only through a proper (physiological) recovery, that mainly occurs during sleep, the body becomes stronger. Stimulating the recovery of the body to a higher level (in top sport know as super-compensation)is especially enhanced by the use of magnesium.

Without adequate recovery there is no physical top performance (stronger and improved stamina) in the short and long term with the consequence of an over trained body. Besides shortening recovery time, increasing of athletic endurance and improvement of strength performance, magnesium is also a natural muscle relaxer, repairs muscle tissue and reduces muscle fatigue and joint stiffness.

Slather your body after every workout with The|Tides Liquid Chill Pill | Magnesium Body Spray or take a relaxing and restorative After Class | Post Workout Bath Soak specifically formulated with a 100% pure aromatherapy blend of Wintergreen, Rosemary, Laurel and Juniper berry. The|Tides Muscle Charger | Magnesium Gel provides a slower release; perfect during exercise or for targeted application on painful areas.

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Liquid Chill Pill | Magnesium Spray

After Workout Formula Bath Soak

After Class | Post Workout Bath Soak

Muscle Charger

Muscle Charger | Magnesium Gel

Louis WeijdenboschBy Louis Wijdenbosch; former- top athlete, coach of the Dutch Olympic Judo team, (sports-) physical therapist and member of The|Tides Wellness expert team. Louis has a deep understanding of the relationship between the body’s motion and the muscles, the joints and the tissues but above all the power of the mind and its ability to push yourself beyond limits to achieve your goals. With his broad knowledge, long-term experience in the field of health and sports, Louis knows the importance of balance and strength  in order to perform at your highest level.

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