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A box full of Wellness to reclaim your energy (worth € 104,50)

Invigorating self-care ritual that puts the pep back into your step. Helps to recover from physical, mental and emotional stress and fatigue or when you just feel under the weather.

Salty Me | Body Scrub  100 g
Exfoliates dead skin with magnesium, sea salt and plant oils, while stimulating circulation, soothing tired muscles, leaving the body and mind alive and rejuvenated.

Energy Booster | Bath Soak   150 g
Stabilizing and strengthening blend of magnesium, chlorella, clay and revitalizing aromatherapy oils to restore physical, mental and emotional balance and strength.

Ocean Skin Food |Body Oil   50 ml
Moisturizing and skin soothing blend of healing seaside botanicals, seaweed and uplifting aromatherapy oils to supercharge skin and elevate your mood.

Pick me Up | Aromatherapy Remedy   10 ml
Uplifting and stimulating blend of essential oils to clear the mind, re-organize thoughts and to sweep away mental fogginess.