Foot Hacker | A box full of Wellness for happy feet


A box full of Wellness for happy feet (worth € 85)

Invigorating self-care ritual to relieve tension, swelling and fatigue from feet and lower legs to move lightly and swivel with ease.

Salty Me | Body Scrub   100 g
Cleansing in detoxifying mineral rich scrub with refreshing and cooling aromatherapy oils to remove impurities and dead skin.

Happy Feet | Foot Soak   150 g
Relaxing and restoring blend of magnesium, grey sea salt, fulvic acid and purifying aromatherapy oils to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and joint pain, while soothing tired feed by tickling the nerve endings.

Clouds Walking | Foot Cream   100 g/span>
Refreshing and cooling cream of deeply moisturizing and nourishing botanicals to soothe and smooth tired and aching feet.

Spa Towel | Biodegradable 
100% natural and completely biodegradable soft towel to wrap your feet.