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We truly believe that looking good, feeling good and doing good should be part of everybody’s beauty and wellness aesthetic, that means embracing products that are clean and ethically sourced and create resources to give back to nature. Knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, we believe in the importance and power of pure and simple products with natural, uncomplicated and functional ingredients – without toxic chemicals, parabens or fillers and only tested on ourselves.

Next to the Purest Dutch Magnesium, we are proud to work with the founders of Zeewaar who provide us with sustainably cultivated Seaweed from the Oosterschelde, a natural reserve in the South-West of the Netherlands, one of the cleanest waters in the world.

The Tides Pure Magnesium

underwater rainforest

Natural seaweed beds from the underwater rainforest of our planet. The many thousands of different seaweed species function as C02 sink, they provide oxygen, form nurseries for baby fish, they filter the seawater and protect coastal zones from erosion. The oceans and seas from 70% of the planet, and yet, we all know far too little about it.

We do know that human commercial activities out at sea, almost always lead to damage to the ecosystem. With seaweed this is no different. And the global demand for seaweed keeps increasing. The FAO (UN) estimates that in 2018, 330 million kilo’s of seaweed rainforest will be removed from the seas and oceans in the EU. And this will not be replanted.


The Source – Zeewaar

The founders of Zeewaar, Rebecca Wiering and Jennifer Breaton,  aim to switch this damaging practice of wild harvesting over to the innovative and sustainable practice of seaweed cultivation. Zeewaar created the first seaweed farm in the Netherlands, and works with a growing number of seaweed farms in the EU to build and spread the practice of sustainable seaweed cultivation.

The sustainable seaweed farms will satisfy the growing demand for sustainable, traceable, reliable and clean seaweed that can be used as a premium ingredient in food and wellness.

There are many different seaweed species, but what they have in common is that they all have a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Some seaweeds also contain compounds that are not found in plants from the land, such as fucoidans, alginates, and laminarins.


You can find the pure dried Dutch Seaweed in our Special Bath Soaks. Find out for yourself the amazing moisturizing effect of these magnesium & seaweed bath soaks.

By Annemarie Wortman & Kimmo Jacobs, two industry insiders rooted in 25 years of seasoned experience and notable expertise integrative health-, spa- and wellness care. Founders of The|Tides Wellness; a Dutch beauty and wellness brand offering new generation wellness care products and treatments to the new empowered wellness consumers and professionals in their quest to live better and healthier lives. Using the purest ingredients, they formulate wellness care products that support beauty from the inside out and reflect the need to balance the excess of living modern life.

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