Fully understanding the needs of empowered wellness consumers and travelers, we formulated The|Tides BrainBody Wellness™ concept. BrainBody Wellness™ is a specific series of smart spa and wellness care treatments.

Exclusively designed to reboot the body and brain through a specialized sequence of functional products, innovative treatment techniques, massage, breathing, stretching, yoga, meditation and (mindful) exercise.

Every (signature-) treatment has a detailed training and treatment protocol. Signature treatments can only be used in your menu after being trained by The|Tides. We offer personalized training programs globally. Available for spa and wellness practitioners and personal trainers alike.

Get in touch to become a The|Tides Partner and get acces to our treatment protocols and training programs.



Back to Brilliance™ | Deep Relaxation Massage Treatment

Experience a transformation from head to toe and be ready to have your stresses and strains melting away. This fully tailored massage treatment takes relaxation to the next level by encouraging your body and brain to calm and relax. This treatment starts with a cleansing and soothing body exfoliation with a special magnesium and seaweed body polish formula that also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. The efficient combination of de-stressing breathing techniques, massage, acupressure points therapy, magnesium and seaweed, will give your body and brain a memory of floating release. Light traction techniques stimulate the release of anti-stress hormones and are indirectly influencing the relaxation of the nervous system.

Combats fatigue, improves the quality of your sleep, soothes away aches and pains, relieves muscle tensions, reduces anxiety and stress and centres your body and brain.

Ready to go back to brilliance or for a night of deep and satisfying sleep?

Get Loose™  |  Stretching Massage Treatment

This dynamic feel good treatment combines a spicy executed stretching massage, trigger point therapy, mobilization techniques with highly effective products. Designed for high rhythm, 24/7 connected people that literally need to get loose after prolonged periods of sittings in airplanes, incorrect posture, too much stress, sports or for those who are living a sedentary lifestyle.

This treatment takes the blood circulation to the max and eliminates toxins. The deep manual stretches in the muscles and tissues – which is hardly realized with normal stretching – in combination with trigger point therapy and mobilization techniques, restores the physiological balance in the muscles and joints. Alleviates and works preventively against contractures and injuries. Improves your overall BrainBody Wellness. Ready to drive your next great performance?

Baby your Belly™ | Magnesium Pregnancy Treatment

This wonderfully relaxing pregnancy treatment – that is given on warm water cushions that relax and support every curve of your body -  is designed for the mom-to-be or new mothers to keep their magnesium levels balanced.  After a full body exfoliation with a special body polish formula to prepare your body to fully absorb The|Tides purest magnesium in the world the treatment is continued with a top to toe body, face and scalp magnesium massage.

The combination of a set of special BrainBody™ pregnancy massage techniques will restore your magnesium balance, while at the same time soothing the aches and pains in your hardworking muscles.  Baby my Belly will relieve muscle cramping, tension and fatigue and will improve the quality of your sleep. Gently rocking on warm mini waves, we reduce the tension in both your body and your brain that will put you and your baby at ease and leave you in a lasting state of wellness and calm.

If a pregnant woman is not getting enough magnesium, she may suffer o.a. from deficiency signs like cramps, nausea, fatigue and poor sleep quality. Magnesium is also necessary for optimal absorption and utilization of calcium both for the mother and the baby especially during the second semester of pregnancy when the baby’s skeleton and tooth enamel form and calcium and magnesium are needed in higher amounts.



Ocean Healing ™ | Therapeutic Bath Treatment

Just lean back and regain your inner balance and strength with this deeply restoring therapeutic bathing experience, using a unique formulation of magnesium, mineral salts, seaweed, seaside botanicals and essential oils. This healing blend of 100% natural and organic ingredients will restore drained minerals and electrolytes, reduce your stress levels and is deeply relaxing to your heart.  It will release the tension from your muscles, soothes away aches and pains, fatigue and joint stiffness.

While the magnesium and mineral salts will cleanse and purify your skin, the seaweed and seaside botanicals will deeply moisturize it.Through the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients this bath can also be used as an effective treatment for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and very dry skin


Wrapped in Waves™ |  Detox Body Wrap

This therapeutic body treatment starts with a full body exfoliation with different kinds of organic seaweed,algue and magnesium to detoxify the skin and to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation. It will at the same time prepare the skin to fully absorb the detoxifying and skin rejuvenating properties of The|Tides Body Wrap Formula. Seaweed, algae and sea clay combined with the purest magnesium and fulvic acid is extremely rich in minerals, trace elements and potent antioxidants. It stimulates blood flow and muscle relaxation, eliminates toxins, activates cell metabolism and drainage, combats cellulite, firms and tones the skin and will detox its deeper layers.

During the body mask, a scalp treatment with relaxing magnesium, seaweed and botanical essences will invigorate the whole body and mind and will give an intense relief of stress and fatigue. Will leave the skin smooth and hydrated.


Salty Me™ | Body Scrub

Stimulating and detoxifying full body exfoliation treatment, using the therapeutic benefits of purifying magnesium and mineral salts along with The|Tides organic skin conditioning seaweed and plant ingredients from the Dutch Wadden Islands. This skin invigorating treatment effectively removes impurities and dead skin cells and refines skin texture. Stimulates blood and lymph flow while firming the skin tone. The treatment is finished with an oiliation  of healing and nourishing seaweed extracts, sea buckthorn and essential oils.  The result is a conditioned, silky soft polished skin with a refined glow.



Ocean Deep Recovery™ | (Digital-) Detoxification Treatment

This deeply physical and mental detoxification experience is the ultimate treatment to detoxify, reduce the wired and tired syndrome, poor sleep quality, symptoms of jetlag, muscle tension, anxiety and stress that often results from 24/7 connectivity, travel, sensory overload and overuse of technology.

The treatment starts with a full body scrub to stimulate blood and lymph flow and detoxification of your skin. After an intensive treatment – that incorporates, stretching, inhalation therapy, acupuncture point massage, mobilization techniques and ice cube therapy applications- your body is wrapped into infrared blankets. The deep infrared heat will relax the tension in your muscles, joints and body tissues and opens the pores to take in the vital ingredients from the products while sweating out toxins and aches and pain with them. While the minerals work their magic a scalp and facial pressure point treatment is given to sooth away the last stresses and strains


Inner Calm and Strength™ | Hammam Treatment

Replenish, re-mineralize and revitalize yourself with the superpower benefits of this body- and mind cleansing magnesium ritual to keep a healthy (alkaline) balance and strong inner core to stay resilient to both physical and emotional stress. After a cleansing water ritual and a full body scrub with a paste of purifying magnesium, mineral salts, seaweed and revitalizing seaside botanicals, the treatment is continued with a magnesium-seaweed soap bag massage with special attention to the pain- and tension areas in your body and finished with a magnesium replenishing body mask.

During the body mask, a scalp and foot treatment with relaxing oils and botanical essences will invigorate your whole body and mind. The combination of water, exfoliation, steam, massage, magnesium, seaweed and seaside botanicals will purify and soften your skin, wash out stress, aches, pains and muscle tension and leave you in a state of total bliss and relaxation.

Ocean Power™ |  Fatigue Fighter (Vichy Shower Treatment)

Feel the healing and energizing power of the ocean true this immunity boosting hydrotherapy treatment. After a full body exfoliation with a special body polish formula of magnesium, seaweed, mineral salts and revitalizing botanicals to remove impurities and to refine your skin, the treatment is continued with a top-to-toe hydro-massage, with special attention to specific muscle structures to ease pain and tension areas in your body. The alternating temperatures, the rhythm of the jets and refreshing aromatherapy oils will awaken your senses, calm your mind while simultaneously increasing your blood and lymphatic circulation.

The combination of hot and cold water oxygenates, detoxifies, firms and tones the skin and will give an intense relief of stress and fatigue. A magnesium replenishing body massage with a composition of pure magnesium and strengthening plant aromas will complete this de-stressing experience that will restore your strength and balance and reset your body and mind.



 Let your fingers do the walking ™ | Hand Retreat

A rejuvenating and nurturing hand and arm treatment that starts with an exfoliation from the hand to the elbow, followed by a deeply relaxing massage and warm seaweed masque to relax muscles tension, increase circulation and hydration of the skin. The powerful ingredients from the ocean and seaside botanicals will visibly renew the skin, improve skin smoothness, skin firmness and tone.

Ocean Pools™ | Foot Retreat

Feel the tension releasing with the exfoliation of your feet and lower legs followed by a relaxing foot bath with magnesium, seaweed and sea salt to detoxify, restore minerals and electrolytes in your body. Hereafter your feet and lower legs are expertly massaged using specific trigger points with a special blend of magnesium and aromatherapy oils to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and fatigue. This relaxing and restorative foot treatment is finished with a warm mask of magnesium and seaside botanicals to nourish tired feet and legs, sooth away aches and pains and to smooth and soften.


BrainBody Hacker™  | Rejuvenating ScalpTreatment

This stress-busting scalp treatment stimulates an increased Body|Brain awareness. It calms and revitalizes both the body and the brain trough a smart combination of treatment techniques and the use of effective and organic products. The treatments start with a refreshing magnesium scalp exfoliation to cleanse and stimulate blood circulation increasing oxygen supply to the brain. The magnesium exfoliation will also help to release impurities from the scalp pores and in reducing scalp calcification (the main reason for hair loss). After this deep scalp detox, the treatment is continued with an acupressure points head massage using a special scalp elixir of magnesium, seaweed, rosemary, peppermint and ice plant extracts that will result in an ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation due to increased blood flow and oxygen circulation and lymph flow throughout the body and the brain.

Also excellent treatment for tension headaches, migraines, disturbed sleep and stress

Unchain™ | Back, Shoulder and Neck Treatment

This unique treatment has been specially designed as a deep cleansing and relaxation remedy for the neck, shoulders and back; the area where we hold the most tension. The treatment starts with an exfoliating of the skin with a blend of magnesium, mineral salts, peppermint and eucalyptus which will have a tingling and cooling effect on the skin improving blood circulation and removal of waste.  After a muscle melting massage of the back, shoulders and neck with pure magnesium muscle tightness, congestion and tension around the spine will be removed. The treatment is finished with a warm magnesium seaweed masque.