Pure Dutch Nature Inside | Beauty through Wellness

The|Tides is a Dutch Wellness and Self-care Brand providing a new category of non-toxic products and treatments with unique Dutch ingredients for consumer- and professional use. Using the purest ingredients we formulate functional products and treatments that heal and nurture from the inside out and balance the excess of living modern life.

We strongly believe that wellness starts from within and that beauty doesn’t come from a jar but has everything to do with the way we take care of ourselves -physically, emotionally and mentally. Today’s 24/7 connectivity, over stimulation, unprecedented stress, too much noise, sensory overload, chemical exposures, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, too much sugar, alcohol and afternoon espresso’s to keep us going, can easily drain our vitality and strength, which makes us weak, tired and stressed out.

The|Tides provides products and treatments that keep you well in the modern world and are easy to implement in your daily beauty and self-care routine. We use our products every day and know that they work fabulously good.