Live by the seasons, plan by the|tides and follow the elements

Annemarie Wortman and Kimmo Jacobs are the founders of The|Tides . As two native Dutch women they have a natural connectivity to the sea, the changing of the seasons and the need to co-exist with the elements.

For their line of products and treatments they take their inspiration from the Dutch coastal natural reserves where the rhythm of The|Tides, the seasons and the influence of the elements take their natural course. Where nature still runs wild and continually adapts to the daily changeable circumstances on the tidal flats and wetlands. Where fresh river water mixes with salty seawater blended by The|Tides, the sun, the rain and the wind. Where plants with unusually powerful properties for health and regeneration are growing and blooming brightly. Where people are known for their free spirit, open mind and raw beauty with a healthy but pragmatic lifestyle and the principle of less is more.

This natural balance in Dutch nature, teaches in turn the need to consciously keep a strong balance within ourselves as well as to maintain calmness, resilience to stress, acceptance and savoring of the many challenges of living modern life.