The SuperPower Benefits of Magnesium

Key Ingredient in The|Tides Products and Treatments

The magnesium chloride molecule – key ingredient in The|Tides wellness care products and treatments – is the same molecule that is present in seawater and in our bodies. Magnesium is a structural element of the blood, bones, muscles and organs. A co-enzyme that catalyzes hundreds of biochemical processes throughout the body. It’s essential for myriad chemical reactions, the production and transport of energy, synthesis of protein, transmission of nerve signals, muscle function, healthy DNA, and more. All the nerves in our bodies use magnesium to help send messages along the nerve pathways. It is also involved in blood pressure regulation and blood sugar uptake.

The Tides Pure Magnesium

Super Power Benefits

Magnesium has super-power benefits. It boosts the activity of the immune system, helps in building a strong internal fitness that helps to stay resilient to both physical and emotional stress. It is essential for the body’s ability to absorb and transport calcium as well as produce energy. It aids in repairing and building muscle and bone strength, flexibility and energy. It’s a natural muscle relaxant, relieves muscle cramping and joint stiffness, improves quality of sleep, promotes detoxification and aids to skin health. Magnesium is a hardness factor in bones and relaxes muscles. When there is not enough magnesium available, the bones get soft and the muscles get hard and rigid. As one of the most abundant minerals in the human body, it’s no wonder that the symptoms of low magnesium levels are correlated with so many health-related issues that impact all the body’s major systems.

The Source

The|Tides Magnesium is mined sustainably (using just water pressure) from a layer of exquisitely pure magnesium that has been discovered in the north of the Netherlands. Having never been exposed to modern day pollution, this unique in the world 100% natural magnesium has remained untouched for over 250 million years, making it uniquely the most pure and natural source of magnesium chloride in the world known to date. The source is the pre-historic Zechstein Sea, an expansive highly salinated body of water that existed in the middle of the ancient super-continent Pangaea. Over the course of millions of years it was flooded with water from the Panthalassa sea and evaporated again and again to finally condense to a layer of pure magnesium chloride. Our inheritance from the Permian era is at the geographical origin of the current North Sea and Northwest Europe, an area that today includes the Dutch Wadden Sea.

The Source

By Annemarie Wortman & Kimmo Jacobs, two industry insiders rooted in 25 years of seasoned experience and notable expertise integrative health-, spa- and wellness care. Founders of The|Tides Wellness; a Dutch beauty and wellness brand offering new generation wellness care products and treatments to the new empowered wellness consumers and professionals in their quest to live better and healthier lives. Using the purest ingredients, they formulate wellness care products that support beauty from the inside out and reflect the need to balance the excess of living modern life.

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