Fully understanding the needs of empowered wellness consumers and travelers, we formulated The|Tides BrainBody Wellness™ concept. BrainBody Wellness™ is a specific series of smart spa and wellness care treatments.

Exclusively designed to reboot the body and brain through a specialized sequence of functional products, innovative treatment techniques, massage, breathing, stretching, yoga, meditation and (mindful) exercise.

Every (signature-) treatment has a detailed training and treatment protocol. Signature treatments can only be used in your menu after being trained by The|Tides. We offer personalized training programs globally. Available for spa and wellness practitioners and personal trainers alike.

Get in touch to become a The|Tides Partner and get acces to our treatment protocols and training programs.

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Ocean Deep Recovery

BrainBody Union

Baby your Belly

Ocean Power

Inner Calm

Ocean Pools

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Salty Me

ocean healing