New Spa and Wellness Journey for Kimmo Jacobs and Annemarie Wortman

Dutch Spa and Wellness Brand for Consumer and professional Use

As two industry insiders rooted in 25 years of seasoned experience and notable expertise in integrative health-, spa- and wellness, we, Anne and Kimmo, embraced on a new journey by fulfilling a long cherished dream; establishing The|Tides Wellness – a truly Dutch Wellness and Self-care Brand, providing a new category of products and treatments with unique Dutch ingredients for consumer- and professional use. Using the purest ingredients we formulate functional products and treatments that heal and nurture from the inside out and balance the excess of living modern life. We strongly believe that wellness starts from within and  that beauty doesn’t come from a jar but has everything to do with the way we take care of ourselves -physically, emotionally and mentally


Live by the seasons, Plan by The|Tides and Follow the Elements

As two native Dutch women we take our inspiration from the Dutch coastal natural reserves where the rhythm of The|Tides, the seasons and the influence of the elements take their natural course. Where nature still runs wild and continually adapts to the daily changeable circumstances on the tidal flats and wetlands. Where fresh river water mixes with salty seawater blended by The|Tides, the sun, the rain and the wind. Where plants with unusually powerful properties for health and regeneration are growing and blooming brightly. Where people are known for their free spirit, open mind and raw beauty with a healthy but pragmatic lifestyle and the principle of less is more.

This natural balance in Dutch nature, teaches us in turn the need to consciously keep a strong balance within ourselves as well. Today’s 24/7 connectivity, over stimulation, unprecedented stress, too much noise, sensory overload, chemical exposures, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, too much sugar, alcohol and afternoon espresso’s to keep us going, can easily drain our vitality and strength, which makes us weak, tired and stressed out. We offer products and treatments that keeps you well in the modern world and are easy to implement in your daily beauty and wellness regimen. We use our products every day and know that they work fabulously good.


Pure Dutch Nature Inside

We truly believe that looking good, feeling good and doing good should be part of everybody’s beauty and wellness aesthetic, that means embracing products that are clean and ethically sourced and create resources to give back to nature. Knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, we believe in the importance and power of pure and simple products with natural, uncomplicated and functional ingredients – without toxic chemicals or fillers and only tested on ourselves.

The base of The|Tides products and treatments are 100% pure and raw materials;

1. 100% pure transdermal Magnesium from the pre-historic Zechstein Sea – discovered in the North of the Netherlands 1600 m under the ground, which has remained untouched for over 250 million years and has never been exposed to modern day pollution.

2. Organic handharvested Seaweed from the Oosterschelde, a natural reserve in the South-West of the Netherlands, one of the cleanest waters in the world.

These materials are known for their purifying, re-mineralizing, strengthening and revitalizing properties. We have blend some of these products with the purest essential oils that we purchase from one of the best Aromatherapy Laboratories in the world. Every single essential oil is selected on its healing and therapeutic properties and enchanting scent.


To us The|Tides are a symbol of the forces of change. During The|Tides the power of the ocean – the mother of life and reservoir of deeper consciousness – meets the firmness of the land. The oceans are supplying us with 70% of the oxygen that we breathe, they feed us and have the power to heal us but yet we treat our oceans as they are bottomless.

Overfishing is seriously disturbing biodiversity and ecosystems and plastic waste and pollution are contaminating the oceans in such a way that it became a severe existential threat to ocean life and ourselves.

With the sale of our products, we are committed to making a contribution to keep our oceans clean; one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. For every product you purchase, we donate a fixed amount to projects that conduct research, create awareness and find solutions for cleaner oceans.

The|Tides touches every continent and for us it signifies our desire to harmonize and connect with the many forces of change and inspires us to use our expertise across disciplines and across borders to create breakthrough visions and ideas that contribute to a better and more vital world.

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