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The|Tides Wellness Roll on

Perfect antidotes to relieve emotional stress and anxiety

Aromatherapy Balm Roll On € 24,50

The|Tides Wellness Peace Out Gift Box

A box full of Wellness for deep sleep and dreaming

Peace Out | Gift Box € 80

TheTides Wellness Liquid Chill Pill

Keeps your immune system strong

Liquid Chill Pill | 100% Pure Transdermal Magnesium Oil € 33

The|Tides Wellness dream catcher

Disconnect to re-connect. Deeply restorative soak

Body Bath & Foot Soak € 55

The|Tides Wellness Self-Care Essentials

Face Mask

Supercharged Skin Healing Powder. Tales of the Ocean | Skin Mask

Peace Out Aromatherapy Remedy

De-stressing Aromatherapy Remedy to Wind down. Peace Out Roll on

Energy Booster Body Bath

Natural Mood Uplifter. Energy Booster | Body Bath

Natural Shampoo Body Wash

100% all-natural and vegan formula that gently cleanses scalp, hair and skin. Shampoo & Body Wash

Bio Active Facial Oil

Ultra-nourishing and balancing skin elixer. Bio Active Facial Oil.

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Journey through The|Tides Self-Care Rituals

The|Tides Wellness modern apothecary

Train hard, recover harder!

No matter how hard we train and push ourselves, the real work-out starts after the work-out. A common misconception is... Read on ...

The|Tides Wellness modern apothecary


We believe that a healthy skin needs to be approached from the inside and out. Our daily lifestyle habits, together with... Read on ...

The|Tides Wellness modern apothecary


As great and exciting travel can be, it can bring a great deal of emotional and physical stress, even when you are having fun. Read on ...

The|Tides Wellness sleep relaxation


Getting enough high-quality sleep is one of the most important parts of our wellness routine. In fact, it is as vital as... Read on ...

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