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Dutch wellness brand, providing a new class of smart spa and wellness care treatments, effective products with unique Dutch ingredients and nourishing self care rituals; a ‘modern apothecary’ carefully crafted to heal and nurture your body and mind, helping you balance the excesses of living modern life.

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The|Tides About

Happy to be featured in

Happy to be featured in



"I have been using the natural sleep aid products for a while now and it has really helped me feel more relaxed before going to bed. A few weeks ago I felt really sick, so I took a bath using the bath soak and put the body oil on. Afterwards I went to bed feeling very relaxed en woke up feeling as good as new! Thank you The Tides, you got yourself a happy customer!" 

Joelle Alagahgi 

"The Tides is the most ground-breaking brand launched in 2018.  Journey through their range of self-care products themed around Recovery & Sleep, Sports & Endurance, Energy & Strength and Cleanse & Detoxify. Experience high-results brain-body wellness treatments curated to reboot the body and brain through innovative treatment techniques, massage, breathing, stretching, yoga, meditation and (mindful) exercises. These women know what they are doing and then some!"  

Judy Chapman -  Editor of the Chapman Guides

"I received the afterparty gift box for Christmas, beautifully packed which included 3 products: Energy Booster Bath Soak, Magnesium Body Oil & Magnesium/Sea Salt Body Polish. I take a bath once a week with the Energy Booster Bath Soak and use the Magnesium body oil everyday not only does your skin become really soft, you feel more energized, sleep better which basically makes your daily state of mind 10x better. I would recommend this product to everyone!" 

Ginger Goedhals